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Trees have always been an ally of mine, some of my favorite humans remind me of trees. So, it makes sense that this is being written under a tree, a peach tree in fact. I had the wonderful opportunity recently to learn about the medicine of the peach tree from Shaman Jesus here in Austin. He shared with our group that the peach tree has mother medicine and often he will find children sitting underneath it as they work through something that’s on their heart. We adults can benefit from this too, as we all have younger parts.

I find it incredibly hopeful that there are so many ways to heal and so many different things that can help us in this process. I think it’s interesting that sometimes there is the idea that there is only one way or the “best” way. I feel as humans we need many different types of medicine…plant, human, animal, community.

If I could share one message with you from all the healing modalities/healers that I have encountered thus far, I will share one from the tobacco plant that was delivered to scientist Monica Gagliano, which she speaks about in her book, Thus Spoke the Plant. “In each moment, humanity can open its eyes to close the rift that separates it from the whole by realizing that there is no rift at all. This realization heals the root cause of humanity’s pain.”

Why is self-compassion so healing? Because if we can look at ourselves through the lens of how we view the beauty of nature, our favorite pet, or a loved one we can see that we are so deserving of love, kindness, respect, and care. We ARE all those things; separateness is an illusion. This may take practice and coming back to again and again, but we are worth it.


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