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Stephanie Garcia, LPC

Welcome! My motivation to open Volver Counseling is to share my passion for our connection to our bodies, nature, and our communities in the healing process. This knowledge that has been shared with me has illuminated my path and expanded my perspective of my training in traditional western psychology.


Throughout my career I have worked in various settings including tribal government, head starts, outpatient settings, in-home therapy, and in schools in communities throughout the country. I believe that mental health services should be accessible to everyone and I work hard to create a space of inclusivity in my work.

I have experience working with individuals who have challenges related to anxiety, depression, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, ADHD, parenting, life transitions, grief, and trauma.

I believe that some of the most fruitful healing happens in relationship and in community and that when given a safe environment, we naturally move towards healing and growth. I believe that if we can have another human being attune to us and help us feel accepted, safe, and seen for all the parts of who we are, we are able to do the hard work that therapy sometimes requires.


"Nature has taught me about fluid adaptability. About not only weathering storms, but using howling winds to spread seeds wide, torrential rains to nuture roots to grow deeper and stronger. Nature has taught me that a storm can be used to clear out branches that are dying, to let go of that which was keeping us from growing in wrong directions".

-Adriene Maree Brown

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